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Store Utsav Products

Product Categories: We have categorized our handicrafts according to their essence. Please read in detail about the products in our blog. Here is a brief listing for your quick understanding:

Imitation Jewelery

  • Kundan
  • Polki
  • Mineral Gemstones
  • Crystal
  • Tribal
  • Fashion
Handicrafts by Use/Function

  • Bags
  • Coasters
  • Designer Candles & Diyas
  • Display Pieces
  • Door & Wall Pieces
  • Door Hangings
  • Gifts & Collectible
  • Jewelry Cases
  • Murals
  • Paintings
  • Paper Mache Handicrafts
  • Stationery
  • Table Pieces
Traditional Indian Art Forms

  • Andhra Pradesh Art Forms
  • Bihar Art Form
  • Karnataka Art Forms
  • Madhya Pradesh Art Forms
  • Manipuri Art Forms
  • Meghalaya Art Forms
  • Oriya Art Forms
  • Rajathani Art Forms
  • Tripura Art Forms
  • Uttar Pradesh Art Forms
  • West Bengal Art Forms
Festive Collection

  • Diwali
  • Pooja
  • Rakshabandhan
  • Wedding

About Our Products: Our Jewelery is sourced from traditional artists following the original methods of jewelery creation. Made from environment friendly material (paper, wood, stone, cloth, leaves, clay, etc.) and 100% organic dyes & adhesives, our every handicraft and festive decorative adds a classy grace to your home, office, or studio. All our traditional art form items are 100% handmade using the traditional methods of creating them. Accordingly, every piece takes at least 5-7 days to finish. Therefore, you are bringing home a legacy with your each purchase.

Paintings without Frame:
We have not framed most of our paintings for 3 reasons:

  • You can choose the frame of your choice as per your aesthetics
  • Easy to ship
  • Economic to ship, since the weight of frame does not exist
  • Paintings: The paintings employ organic, natural colors, fibers, and canvas. Therefore, keep them very safely. Please get your painting(s) framed ASAP. A glass frame with wooden borders will be the best. Try avoid metal and plastic, unless they are of guaranteed, non-reactive quality.
  • Display Pieces and Hangings: Clean the display pieces, gifts, & collectible with very soft cotton cloth. Please do not use water or any cleaner on them.
  • Cane/Bamboo Products: A coat of varnish over the cane products adds to their durability. Clean them with very soft cotton cloth. Please do not use water or any cleaner on them.   
  • Jewelry: Keep it away from deodorant, perfumes, cosmetics, or any such chemicals. When not in use, please try to keep the piece in a dustfree and moisture free environment. Better keep it safely in a case.
  • Clothing: Dry clean unless otherwise specified. If washing at home, please use mild detergents like Ezee. Dry in shade. Iron only if specified. When ironing, please put a layer of cotton cloth over the clothing to avoid heat impact on the fine fiber.
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